Motor comparison

Editors Note: This comparison was never finished, but the info on the eZee kit still applies.
First the eZee kit:
The eZee hub motor kit is the most popular one we sell because it’s lightweight, reliable, and powerful. It is an internally geared hub motor, so has excellent climbing ability, even for cargo bikes carrying kids, groceries, etc. But it doesn’t way a ton, so your bike still feels like a bike!
The kit comes as a complete solution. In addition to the motor, controller and throttle (what some people call “complete”), the kit comes with a battery, a bag to carry the battery and mount it to your rack, simple battery gage, wire protectors, and other little helpful items like cable ties and a tire already installed on the wheel! But this kit is also modular and non-proprietary (unlike the Bionx kit), so you can easily use a different battery if you choose or change throttle type when you buy the kit or in the future.
The main advantages of the eZee kit that make it a popular seller are:
  • A complete solution – Don’t worry about how to spec different parts together. The solution works well together and will last a long time
  • Modular – If you want to run a higher battery voltage (eZee comes with a 36V battery, but can also be used with 48V) or a different battery chemistry, it’s no problem. Just plug the new battery in and it works A-OK
  • Reliable – This kit has been just about the most reliable and trouble-free kit we’ve seen. After some initial bumps in controller design at the beginning, we’ve had very few warranty returns or problems with the parts of this kit.
  • Powerful – The motor has enough power to easily power single riders and even cargo bikers up hills with ease. Customers have been very happy with the power of this kit from the flatlands to San Francisco. At the 36 volt standard, single riders will be able to pedal at just an easy to moderate pace up all but the very steepest hills. At 48 volts, even heavy loads can be pedaled up hills without undue effort and with ligher cargo loads or single riders the kit is downright zippy.
The main disadvantages of the eZee kit are:
  • Price – The complete kit is not inexpensive. Howerver, it is an investment in quality that will last a good long while. And if you are able to reduce car trips or even get rid of a second car, it will be well worth it. (The average price of owning a car in the US is over $8,000 a year according to a study by
  • Top Speed – The top speed of the kit at 36V is 20mph (at 48volts about 25mph). While most people do not find this to be limiting, some people are looking for more speed. A professional bike racer can pedal just a little faster than 20 mph on flat ground and a typical person can pedal his/her bike between 12 and 20mph on flat ground. Where the big difference comes into play on speed is the hills. Without electric assist, when you come to a hill you slow way down and shift into low gears to climb it. However, with electric assist on your bike, you’re able to combine your power and motor power to keep the bike at a good clip. For example, on one rolling hill on my commute where I start the hill with good momentum, I’m able to keep a speed of about 18mph with the help of the motor, where otherwise I would need to slow down to aroun 8mph by the top of the hill.

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