Cycle 9 Retail Shop Closing Doors

Dear Cycle 9 customers, friends, and fans,

It is with great regret that I report to you that Cycle 9 will be closing it’s retail store location in Carrboro, NC this month. Due to a number of personal and business factors, continuing the retail store just is not in the cards for us at this time. We will be continuing this website and continue to promote electric and cargo bike options for people interested in biking more! So, please stay tuned for updates on what is happening and more good information and tips.

I am grateful for all of the support we’ve received from many loyal customers over our years of business, and I’ve truly enjoyed interacting with you. Myself and the others in the store will miss seeing our local customers come in.

I hope you will all continue to spread the good word about cargo bikes, electric bikes, and the benefits of biking more and driving less.


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Now for the good news! Everything in our current store inventory is now discounted and will continue to be discounted until the end of July when we close our doors. This is remaining bikes, accessories, components, electric components and accessories, art batiks, and even supplies, tools and equipment.

We will also host a bike swap and huge sale on Saturday, July 23rd at the Carrboro store. If you are in town, be sure to stop by and check out what is going on. Things are moving fast at these discounts, though, so don’t wait.

If you are a remote customer, check our webstore clearance pages for updates and call or email the shop

Thanks to everyone, and I hope you’ll continue to visit us online as we move forward.


Sincerly and warmly,


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Elise Giddings

Owner and founder of Cycle 9


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  1. Wow, what a shock…so sorry to hear. Actually I found out just today, when I stopped by your shop during a family trek across North Carolina. I hope you continue your ebike business in particular, since you guys have a depth of knowledge that is fairly unique in the biking world. Those of us that have discovered ebikes know they are here to stay!

  2. My family, our church, and our community will miss your store! Ebikes are the fastest growing mode of transportation globally and a sustainable transportation option as you have shown us here in central NC. We hope to see your online presence continue to grow and prosper!

    Best from Mark and the ECO group at Community Church of Chapel Hill

  3. Thank you, Ladies, for your careful analyses and explanations … you have been a great help in navigating through the fog of ebike components and systems over the past couple of years. I hope your next venture is as exciting as this one must have been.

  4. Hate that you guys are closing the doors, But I would like to wish all of you at Cycle 9 the best in your future endeavors.
    Charlie Edwards
    Lumberton, NC

  5. So sorry to hear you are going out of business and best wishes in your next endeavor. Deep Creek Scooters would like to offer your former customers a place to continue being eco-friendly. We are an authorized Currie Tech electric bicycle dealer. We offer sales and repair. We are located in Rougemont, NC near the Person/Durham County line. Give us a call – – 919-257-0662 or 336-364-3702.

  6. I hope you keep us informed of all things new regarding e bikes I wish you the best in everything you do in the future. I was recently in California (away for 20 years) and was shocked to see that americans have learned n-o-t-h-i-n-g in terms of conservation of energy etc.
    Huge brand new monster cars everywhere, air conditioners blasting plus the unbearable air pollution. Your ideas Cycle9 are great but you are 10 years ahead of the your countrymen.
    Still there is hope.
    Andrés from Santiago, Chile.

  7. Very sad to hear the news, but I’m sure it’s a conscious decision and necessary.

    I wish the best for you, and hope that your thoughts continues to be always an example to all!

    Fabio, from Brazil!

  8. I got re-invigorated into cycling as my personal mode of transportation in part because of Cycle9. The support and advice I recieved from Morgan, Elise and all the staff at Cycle9 has been fantastic. E biking or even regular biking is one of the most powerful things we can do to stop and reverse the damage we collectively have done to the environment and our health. I wish I lived closer so I could have visited the Cycle9 store when it was open. Maybe in the future another brick and morter store will rise like the Phoenix.
    P.S. In Andres’ comment above: I would have to say that their passion and concepts what will help drive the Green Transportation Revolution into reality.

    Thanks again to everyone at Cycle9 and best wishes for the future!

  9. Sad to see you guys go 🙁

    Having knowledgable and experienced electric bike shops around the country is key to the success of the e-bike industry. Unfortunately, there are too many dropshippers and not enough brick-and-mortar retail stores where people can “touch-and-feel” these products…


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