Who is to blame for the oil spill?

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When we look at the oil disaster in the gulf, most of us are sickened by the destruction, saddened by the loss of wildlife and livelihoods, and angered by the carelessness that caused the spill.

But why are oil companies out there drilling in deep water in the first place?

Oil Slick in the Gulf
Photo: Jonathan Henderson, Gulf Restoration Network

The reason, of course, is that there is a tremendous demand for oil.

Oil is one of the most energy dense substances around, and it has literally fueled our lifestyles for the past 100 years. This resource has allowed us to create machines that do the work that used to require hundreds of animals or people, all by just putting a small amount of liquid substance in an engine. It has transformed the way we live, work, and play.

We’ve become accustomed to moving around in our cars effortlessly – with only the push of a pedal.  But that one pedal push uses tremendous energy.

Think about this thought experiment:

Get in your car, start with exactly one gallon of gas, then drive until you run out.  How far have you gone? 20 miles? 40 miles? Now, get out of your car and push it back to where you started.

Can you feel how much energy is needed in your body? How many people would it take to get the car back home and how long?

All that energy is contained in just ONE gallon of gasoline. Actually, due to inefficiencies, cars only use about 20% of the energy in gasoline and the rest is wasted in heat. So all of that energy is contained in less than 1/4 of that one gallon of gas.

Changing the way we get around away from single-occupancy vehicles, can make a huge difference in our need and demand for oil.

But we must all become educated and take steps to do this.

Ecobike Elegance
A Human-Electric Hybrid Bike

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do.

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