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Ortileb and Tubus  – Incredible Touring Gear now available

After some heated debate (not really, but it sounds good) we are now an Ortileb and Tubus dealer. Our touring business took off last summer so we added some selection to the touring bikes we carry. We in turn added some expedition worthy front and rear racks. Now, we have some of the best racks, bags and panniers on hand. If you haven’t heard of Ortlieb, or Tubus for that matter, do a little searching  about touring. Their name and reputation is top notch.

What do that mean to you? Well, we are the only bike shop in the area, possibly this part of the state that stocks true touring equipment. We have the knowledge to assist you in your important gear decisions. Plus, we like talking about it. Good luck finding that anywhere else.

Feel free to call, email or come by with any questions about touring (or whatever else is on your mind).

My name is Steve and I am your local bike shop.

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