Does Your Bike Have a Name? – Go By Bike Episode 31

What’s in a Name?

We name people and pets because it bestows them individuality. What about in-animate objects like bikes? Taking a cue from one of the blogs I like, lets go ride a bike , I contemplated this issue recently…

Have you ever named a bike? Do you have name suggestions for the Madsen? Give them to me below!


Go By Bike is a daily video series that talks about how to be green by riding more and using your car less, including electric bikes, electric kits, cargo bikes, bike safety, and getting motivated to bike

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4 thoughts

  1. Our 2.5 year old son has named our Madsen (recently electrified!). He calls it “Tip”. We all use that name now.

  2. After being accused of ‘cheating’ for riding an e-bike, my bike is now officially called the Cheatercycle.

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