The Electric Mundo Cargo Bike – Go By Bike Episode 46

Replace your car with this load-carrying machine

If you’ve been thinking of going carfree, but have stuff or people to carry, then I’m sure you’ve been looking for options on how you can do that. An electric cargo bike is a great car-replacement vehicle for most of the trips we do to the store, to drop-off and pick-up children, to get to work and back, and to attend social outings. The cargo bike gives you the capacity to carry what you need, and the motor makes it so you don’t have to kill yourself pedaling the extra weight.

Your excuses for not biking will disappear with one of these babies! And you’ll be LOVING the $8,000* your saving a year by selling your second car!  (* According to, the average price of owning a car in the US is $8,000 a year, and that was calculated when gas was just $1.50 per gallon!).

In this video, I give a brief overview of the Electric Yuba Mundo, or E-Mundo. The Mundo is the “pick up” of the cargo biking world with 400lbs of cargo carrying capacity. The Cycle 9 electric mundo is designed to fit most people’s needs right out of the box. Unless you’ve got killer hills, this kit will transport you and your stuff wherever you want to go (if you DO have killer hills, ask about upgrading to our high torque version!).

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Go By Bike is a daily video series that talks about how to be green by riding more and using your car less, including electric bikes, electric kits, cargo bikes, bike safety, and getting motivated to bike

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2 thoughts

  1. We bought the electric kit with the lifepo4 battery to install on our Yuba Mundo v1. It has not disappointed. I ride it all the time in our hilly area, sometimes carrying up to 65 pounds of cargo (bulk food). I think the most miles I’ve ridden in one day without recharging was 16 miles. We are so glad we made this decision as we now have more transportation options than we did before. A car, regular bikes, and the eYuba are our options right now in a semi rural area. There are no public transport options here at all.

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