BMC Hub motors cont’d

We’ve had a great time testing the BMC V1 (alternatively called “Puma” and/or “400W”). It is a nice little motor that has great torque for its size, it is quiet, and so far, very reliable. We have one of these left, a wheel with a 2-cross black spoke pattern, pictured below. This is the last one we’ll have for sale at our beta-test price of $550 (includes controller, thumb throttle, motor/wheel). After we get feedback from our testers, we’ll be re-offering these at their market price, which will be higher.

If you want to be our final beta tester, you can use the paypal button below, or contact us. Note that with a beta test, you need to realize that you will be getting a reduced price, in return for your patience in case there are unanticipated problems (e.g. if spokes break, wheel comes out of true, etc). We will work with you to fix any problems if they occur. We also ask that after you use it for 1-2 months, you give us feedback.


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