Replacing two car trips per week….

Recently I saw a discussion on another website about peak oil. Someone there was deriding the “environmentalists” who want us “to all use bikes”. He was saying “that is not a realistic solution”. Perhaps there is no single solution to our current mess of oil dependency. Perhaps, however, if we combine solutions, we will make a dent in this thing.

I came up with the charts below to show what would happen if 1/3 of the USA population replaced

only 2 car trips per week
with a bike trip using an electric assist bike. The bottom line is that this would
5.5 billion gallons of gas, prevent the release of 59 million tons of CO2 and save $17 billion dollars, keeping them in American’s pockets rather than sending them overseas.

Maybe this is just a drop in the bucket, but 5.5 billions of gas is a mighty big drop. Could 100 million Americans bike an average of 30 miles per week? It doesn’t seem like a stretch.

Here is the table on which the calculations are based:



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