Why We Bike – Go By Bike Episode 17

Why do we go by bike, car, or feet?

I’ve been thinking lately about what motivates us to bike versus drive or take other forms of transport. There is certainly a big contingent of people in the US who believe the “car is king” philosophy. I was talking with one of our city planners recently who had just returned from a regional meeting to discuss pedestrian facilities. After a full day of discussion, he said one of the other planners from a larger city in this area expressed the viewpoint that people really wouldn’t walk or bike in most places, even if we built the facilities. Then this other planner turned to our local friend and said “well, you guys are different up there in Chapel Hill/Carrboro”. Why is that? What makes us “different” if we even are different? Why would people bike more here than they would in other areas?

Around the country I find little pockets of people who are into biking for transportation. Maybe it’s not mainstream yet, but there are lots of us out there. What motivates people to bike rather than drive, or reversely, drive rather than bike?

In today’s video, I talk about one reason that is a big consideration for me personally when deciding how to get somewhere.

What do you think? Why do you bike? Leave your comments here to motivate other people to keep biking. The more of us who are out there biking, the safer it is, the more resources we conserve, and the less we pollute. Spread the word….


Go By Bike is a daily video series that talks about how to be green by riding more and using your car less, including electric bikes, electric kits, cargo bikes, bike safety, and getting motivated to bike.
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3 thoughts

  1. I had this vague sense that I shouldn’t be wearing my car to the grocery.
    It was close enough to walk, and I was often buying less than my backpack
    would carry.

    Not being able to think of alternatives at the time, I wore my car.
    It kept me dry and protected me from extreme temperatures
    as I traveled through the outdoors from my house to the store.

    Unfortunately, weather protection was the only reason to use my car on some of
    these quick trips, and that’s what clothes are for.

    Years later, I’ve learned what else I can wear to get to the store in all
    kinds of weather. Somewhere along the way I got rid of my car altogether.

  2. How will I get there?
    How will it be?
    Will it be one wheel?
    Or will it be three?

    One wheel is unstable,
    I’ll probably fall;
    Three wheels is too wide,
    I’ll never get there at all!

    I know how I’ll get there!
    I know what I’ll do!
    The right number of wheels, for one person,
    is two!

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