Where art thou hub motors?

Demand on the electric bikes and kits has been beyond our expectations, so our stock has gotten very low. There’s nothing like being in the business of selling electric bikes…. and having not much left to sell! We have a group of the
on backorder, due to arrive now in early May, but we’ve already pre-sold most of them. If you want to get your claim on one of these, we suggest you order now. As a bonus for pre-ordering, we’ll give you the old price, rather than the new upgraded kit price (a difference of $30-40). We also have more Crystalyte gear on the way, and a new addition will be the top-notch BionX hub motor kits.

These are the only kits we will be selling that have regenerative braking, and as a bonus, these are made in North America (Canada, to be precise)! They also have an advanced monitor and display system that is much nicer than any other kit on the market.

We also have an order in for some of the FalconEV kits, including the Forsen, Dragonfly, and Bull. And, last but not least, we have our shipment of Cycle 9 electric bikes in production, to arrive in May also.

So, within a few months, we hope to be stocked back up, unless the popularity of this stuff continues to skyrocket and we sell out again…

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