Who is responsible for plumes of oil in the gulf?

GULF OF MEXICO – As plumes of toxic fish-killing oil continue to spread throughout the gulf, scientists are rushing to determine what effect the spill will have on wildlife, food, and tourism.

One Chapel Hill woman was heard saying, “The real blame lies with ourselves.  All of us who drive cars regularly are rooting with our dollars for the big oil companies.  We are like drug addicts.  Disasters like this wouldn’t happen without our faithful support.”

A recent solution has surfaced to this problem.  It is a new form of transportation that is clean, low impact, and oil free.  “My human-electric hybrid bike is the way that I starve the big oil beast every day – and I’ve lost weight and saved money in the process,” says the woman.

Human-hybrid electric bikes can be plugged in to the wall to charge up for under ten cents per day. They can carry the rider effortlessly more than 30 miles on a charge, so the rider arrives clean, refreshed, and smiling ear to ear.

Carrboro bike store Cycle 9, located at 601 W Main St, is presently offering $100 off any Ecobike electric bike and a free helmet as part of the “Kick Big Oil In The Butt” sale.  They can be contacted for more information at 919-636-5909 or on the web at www.cycle9.com.

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