Can you really get 900 bananas on a Mundo??

Bike will be put to test on Saturday

We once calculated that the Yuba Mundo, with it’s 440 lb payload capacity, could carry 900 bananas. Well, we decided to test this out for ourselves, just because it would be fun!

On Saturday, May 1st, Dave D., a long-time Carrboro resident and regular of Johnny’s in Carrboro, will attempt the feat. Bananas have been ordered and are awaiting pick-up at Weaver Street Market, our local food co-op  and community gathering spot.

Expected start time of 3pm should find Dave and his helpers attempting to load 900 bananas on his blue Yuba Mundo cargo bike. Will it be a record banana load???

The bananas will be pedaled (hopefully!) over to the Really Really Free Market at Town Commons (held from 2.30 – 5.00) to be distributed to a mob of hungry banana-eaters. Want to be par to the mob? Want to cheer Dave on?

Come on down and join in the fun!


He Did It!!! See video here

Banana Ride Successful!

7 thoughts

  1. Nice going Cycle9. This sounds like fun!
    Last year we rode a 750lbs loaded Mundo (incl rider), quite a workout…
    have fun

  2. We’re working on the video – there was a lot of footage, so it may take a few days to distill down.

    We calculated that the load was about 1,040 bananas in total, on a two-wheel bike.

    Guiness Book of World Records, anyone?

  3. We weighed at least 10 bananas from the crop that was loaded on the bike (unskinned) and the average weight was close to 0.4 lbs (slightly less).

    So, 400 lbs (the number we know for sure) / 0.4 lbs per banana = 1,000 bananas.

    Film footage is coming, I’m just swamped at the moment.

  4. I was very pleased to open up this week’s (6 May ’10) Carrboro Citizen and see my grim “what-have-I-got-myself-into” face staring back at me. Even though Cycle9 was not mentioned in the photo credit co-owner Morgan and helper monkey Tod (in his human guise) were right in close. And Morgan’s weilding a video camera which lends credence to the idea that an edited moving picture show will ensue. Perhaps I’ll jot down an oral history version of the millibananamove as Wilbur or Orville or even Mark Twain might’ve done back in the days of yore. Bike mechanics were engineers, they kept notes. They told stories of how we can transport ourselves.

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