Stuff has arrived

Lots of stuff has been showing up at our “warehouse” here! So, we need to do something about it, like sell it or something.

Time to get our shopping cart whipped into shape!

For those looking for the PHET LiFEPO4 battery packs, we have a bargain in store for you… (in a relative sense, anyway). A few of the packs arrived with cosmetic damage from shipping. Nothing major, and the packs are still fully functional. However, we’ll be discounting these, to $545 each (the normal price will be $595). That’s a great deal for such a nicely packaged LiFEPO4 setup with PHET’s full warranty. Either keep your eye on our website for the store (they’ll be listed under Closeouts and Seconds), or if you want to make sure you get one before they’re gone, just email us,


Other things soon to appear on the Cycle 9 store: eZee hub motor kit, Crystalyte 406 kit, E-bikes (for pre-order), and lots of neato accessories for making your bike a fun place to be!

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