The 12 Days Of Christmas Specials

How can it be almost the middle of December already? I never know how time seems to fly by this time of year. I managed to find the big box of Christmas stuff in the attic yesterday, and we got a tree and got it set up. One thing I do enjoy this time of year is the lights. I tend to be one of those people that leaves the lights up long after the holidays are over …(after all, it’s still very dark in January!)

The gift-giving part of Christmas is one of those things I have a love-hate relationship with. I am not a big shopper myself, at least when it comes to “typical” shopping stuff, but I do like to find useful little items that my friends and family can fit into their lives, and hopefully ones that are stylish as well. This year, everyone in my family will be receiving something bike-related. What do they want to receive? I don’t know, but being as I have access to lots of bike stuff, there you go (shhh! Don’t tell them my secret). When looking through the catalogs for them, I came across a few kind of cool things that I thought you might like as well. So, I decided to offer a “12 Days Of Christmas” (sorry to all you non-christians out there for the inevitable reference) special.

Starting Wed, Dec 9th for the next 12 days, I’ll list one item on sale in our store – both the one at 601 W. Main and the one online. Each instore item will be listed at the top of this post. The online items will be posted on theĀ main store page. Items will change each day, so be sure to check back in.

Happy Holidays!


12 Days Specials:

Day 1 Floor Pumps 35% off

Day 2 Soma Rush coffee cup and holder $24.90 (Reg $39.95)

Day 3 Topeak Alien II multi-tool $29 (Reg $44.50)

Day 4 Winter hats and gloves 35% off (BONUS $50 off bikes)

Day 5 Nutcase helmets $35 (Reg $49.95)

Day 6 Spoke Lites $5.70 (Reg $9.95)

Day 7 Mirrcycle mirrors $8.70 / $10.70 (Reg $14.95 / $19.95)

Day 8 Topeak Handlebar bag $24.95 (Reg $39.95)

Day 9 Rain gear 40% off

Day 10 Pedalite 360 degree visibility pedals $30 (Reg $59.95)

Day 11 Mini Bulldog U-Lock $19.95 (Reg $32.95) + BONUS $100 off ebikes and $50 off ebike kits

Day 12 Axiom bags %35 off

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