The Earth Adapts – Go By Bike Episode 48

Sustainability, and the Connections Between Humans and Earth

The earth is a changing and adaptable place. In fact, the very nature of a changing environment is what leads to the great diversity of life in this world. We humans are changing the earth as well, but we are not separate from the earth. There is no time we can “go back to” before we “changed the earth”. The earth has been changing and adapting long before and will be long after we humans are around.

I am not a climate change nay-sayer, nor am I one of those “technology will save us all so do nothing” people. But I do think a lot of folks concerned about environmental issues view humans as the root of the problem somehow, and I disagree. The pace of our effects on the earth are greater than what has come before due to our culture and ability to communicate. But those effects can go in many different directions, not just bad ones. We also have the ability to view potential future scenarios and have some effect on how we’ll get there. So I’m not writing us off. Neither am I writing off the earth and all it’s creatures. Today’s video explores this idea.


Go By Bike is a video series that talks about how to be green by riding more and using your car less, including electric bikes, electric kits, cargo bikes, bike safety, and getting motivated to bike

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