Bike safety vs. Bike fun. Go By Bike Episode 43

Is biking at the gym better than biking on the street?

In a recent copy of our local paper, the Chapel Hill News, I read a column about a woman who biked on a stationary bike at the gym while imagining she was a kid riding on the street. Why didn’t she actually ride on the street? Listen to find out….

You can find the original column on the Chapel Hill News site here

What do you think? Have you run into people with this much fear? What’s your response? Write a comment below.


Go By Bike is a daily video series that talks about how to be green by riding more and using your car less, including electric bikes, electric kits, cargo bikes, bike safety, and getting motivated to bike

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2 thoughts

  1. I remember fall off of my bike lots of times as a kid. I remember the scabs and bruises and other assorted boo boo’s, but I loved riding the bike. So, really there was no question of continuing as an adult. Since you hooked us up with a hub motor, I’ve been riding almost every morning, even if there isn’t any place in particular I have to go. I’ve lost some weight already, too. Ah, the stories I could recount… anyway, great blog topic. Most people don’t realize, as you said, that many things we do everyday are dangerous but we do them anyway. I hope she figures it out. Thanks!

  2. Fear vs Real danger! Great topic! It remembers me of the news always talking about crimes and relating them to afroamericans most of the time and people with prejudices fearing black people as if all of them were criminals. Also I feel disgust knowing that what most of us hear in the news and fear are not the real problems, the real assassins, like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and taking the right actions through proper healthy nutrition and exercise. Maybe, at some point, we became more fearful, dumber and lost our power. Time to take it back I guess. I love riding my bike, my heart gets pumped like nothing else and love being around trees, my dog following me at full speed and teaching kids how to do it too. It’s way too much fun to say no to the good things in life.

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