What’s Peak Oil Got to Do With It? Go By Bike Episode 44

What is Peak Oil and what can we do about it?

I had the opportunity recently to listen to a talk and discussion about peak oil and climate change here in our local town . The talk was interesting and a good presentation of the topic, but also interesting was the reactions of people in the crowd. Here’s what happened:

It’s a serious issue that we shouldn’t take lightly, but it’s also easy to feel overwhelmed and get into gloom and doom mode. I found my way to take action on this issue, both personally and through starting Cycle 9. What about you? Is Peak Oil something that motivated you to ride more?

What are people in your areas doing about sustainability, climate change and energy use?

Here are some links to :

General information about Peak Oil



and the Transition Town Movement



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One thought

  1. Eating much healthier – Fruits and Veggies, Riding bike more (I believe these two are the most important and effective actions we can take in general) and using the car less, buying less stuff I don’t really need, enjoying more of the simple pleasures of life, living more in harmony with nature, building more with natural renewable resources in a sustainable way, gardening more, teaching about it, buying LED lights and technologies, monitoring energy use at home, solar cooking and even pedal-powering stuff as future projects, being a friend and an example and inspiring others to embrace hope that we can change ourselves and the world around us. Step by step, after 5 years you really get pretty far if you do try.

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