Bike School 101

Introducing Bike School from Cycle 9 – classes start May 4th

Learn basics about how to care for your bike and not get stuck with a flat.

Come learn to fix your bike under the tutelage of our experienced staff. We offer an open and inviting atmosphere and small classes free of intimidation where there is never a question that will go unanswered.

What is it?

Three classes are offered. Attend all 3 or just one or two. No prior experience needed.

  • Class 1: Learn how to fix a flat and adjust and maintain your brakes (caliper, V, cantilever and disc)
  • Class 2: Learn how to tune and maintain your drivetrain (chain and shifters)
  • Class 3: General maintenance, adjust your headset and bottom bracket, replace a cable, and learn how to properly fit you on your bike for a comfortable and efficient ride.

Who’s it for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn basic bike mechanic skills. No prior experience necessary.

When is it?

Classes will be on Tuesday evenings at 5.30pm and will last apx 1.5 hours. If we have a good response to this, we’ll repeat the series. So let us know if you want to see more classes later in the summer!

  • Class 1: Tuesday May 4th
  • Class 2: Tuesday, May 18th
  • Class 3: Tuesday, June 1st

Where is it?

Classes will be held at Johnny’s, in Carrboro’s West End. Johnny’s is an inviting, outdoor venue located just up the street from Cycle 9 at 905 W. Main Street.

How do I sign up?

Register for one class or all three. Pre-registration through Cycle 9 is $25 per class or day-of registration $30 per class. Tuition includes one free drink (non-alcoholic) and tasty treat from Johnny’s. (Full time students eligible for discount.)

  • Call 919-636-5909 to pre-register for any class. OR come by the store to sign up.
  • Space IS limited to maintain a small class size, so call or stop by today!

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  1. WOO-HOO!!!
    Would love to set up a reciprocal link on my website to yours as one of our friends – if you dont mind…
    And Elise, please say hi to Steve Rogan for me – he was my bestest boss in the world, a man I consider to be my friend, and a dude sorely missed here in North Texas!
    Sounds like he made a wise move coming to you – give him a big ol’ hug for me, K?
    (and could you get him all my contact info below)

    Love & Kisses,
    (214) 827-2676
    [email protected]

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