Watch Your Back – safety tip – Go By Bike Episode 8

Keep safe in back and in front.

In today’s episode of Go By Bike, I give another tip on biking safety – this one addresses a huge fear (the #1 fear?) of many cyclists – getting hit from behind.

Welcome to Go By Bike! I started this series to talk about how to ride more and use your car less, including electric bikes, electric kits, cargo bikes, bike safety, and getting motivated to bike. Using your car less reduces your carbon footprint, saves energy, helps the environment, keeps you healthy, and makes your community a nicer place to live, so overall most people would agree it’s a good thing.

What are your biggest fears when riding a bike?


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One thought

  1. No comments, how sad, these videos are great. I will look for (or order) the on-the-lens mirror. I’ve tried the bar-end mirrors and never got tell what they were looking at, and found myself distracted for seconds with trying to adjust them — while still rolling down the road, of course, towards who-knows-what. But the lens mirror sounds like big fun.

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