Bikes for everyone – Go By Bike Episode 9

Bikes for everyone, even those with disabilities – Go By Bike Episode 9

In today’s episode of Go By Bike, I review last weekend’s Bike Ability event, which we attended. Cycle 9 was there to get people pedaling for smoothies, which were enjoyed by many, but the purpose of the event was to show off some of the really cool trikes that are out there for people (especially kids) with developmental disabilities.

I find that kids and people with disabilities often inhabit different spaces than the rest of us, and with the exception of one person here in town, I’ve not had the opportunity to really get to know any of them or anything about their world or their care-givers’ world. I find that I myself am a little intimidated to talk to these people just because I don’t want to offend, and I don’t really know much about how to talk to them, especially if they are much different than us. I know that’s probably not the most “PC” thing to say, but it is honest at least.

When it comes to biking, I’d never seen these kinds of trikes before and had no idea they existed. But I thought it was really cool that these kids could enjoy biking (or triking) as well as the rest of us kids. Some of them were beaming from ear to ear as they rode every available model around the track for a test ride! They were just so happy to be able to enjoy the feeling of movement that makes the rest of us enjoy biking as well. I left the event feeling much better about life in fact, and knowing just a little bit more about this world that operates in parallel to the rest of our busy lives.

In the video, you can check out some of the people and bikes that were there, as well as see one of our awesome Fire Department employees pedal for a smoothie.

Bike-Ability was sponsored by the Town of Chapel Hill parks & rec department, and staffed by volunteers from the physical therapy departments at UNC, Duke, and Elon universities.

Welcome to Go By Bike! I started this series to talk about how to ride more and use your car less, including electric bikes, electric kits, cargo bikes, bike safety, and getting motivated to bike. Using your car less reduces your carbon footprint, saves energy, helps the environment, keeps you healthy, and makes your community a nicer place to live, so overall most people would agree it’s a good thing.

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