So, you may have noticed a few things changingwith Cycle9. New faces (relatively speaking), new bike line (see Tod’s entry about Jamis bikes), web updates, customer’s custom spec’d bikes, new blog authors, etc.

If you’ve been in our retail store lately, chances are good you’ve spoken with me. My name is Steve. I am a somewhat new addition to Cycle9 and this is my blog-tastic debut. I am generally a Luddite when it comes to social media venues: which is sad, I know. So bear with me.

I’d like to think that I’ve had a part in creating some of the changes going on at Cycle9. The truth is, the driving force is you. Being customer service fanatics, we’ve been listening. We’ve found ourselves building a fair amount of custom bikes lately. Small things from different handlebars, stems and saddles to full on, pick-every-part customs. Was this because you couldn’t find what you were looking for elsewhere or were we just crazy enough to say “Sure, we can do that.” I like to think both.

Over the past few months, we’ve had a huge interest in touring bikes and gear. Part of this prompted a new bike line (more choices for you). We will soon be offering an expanded selection of racks and panniers to better serve this demand.

We’re also currently evaluating our entire product range. What does this mean to you? In a word, quality. We know that you work hard for your money. We are striving to find and carry products we believe in and use. We want you happy with your choices from Cycle9. Let us be the Guinea pig.

So yeah, things are changing.  We’re listening to you. Tell us what you are looking for. We have the knowledge and expertise to make riding fun again. The bottom line is this: we want you riding a bike you love. If you’re not, you need to come see us. And yes, we might be a little crazy but, don’t let that stop you.

My name is Steve and I’m your local bike shop.

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