Bike Maintenance Class–the Big Two

Honestly, I don’t expect you to be able to work on your bike.  And mostly, that’s okay–we’re here for you.  But there are a couple of exceptions that will markedly improve your bike-riding life.  And I bet you already know what they are…

Number One:  Changing a tire, or inner tube. For most us, this experience will reveal itself as the Dreaded Flat Tire.  But really, it doesn’t have to be the ordeal that you may have been imagining.  And a little instruction goes a long way.

Number Two:  Lubricating your chain. You’re probably thinking, “How involved can that be?”  And you’re right; a lot of methods will work here.  But they don’t all work well, and there is a Better Way, and I can help with that.

And so, on December 16, we’ll have our first in a series of basic maintenance classes.  Many of you have already expressed interest, and we’ll be contacting you folks directly soon.  For the rest of you, please contact us at Cycle 9, and we’ll get you signed up and scheduled.

The first class will be December 16, at 6:30p.  The next class is tentatively scheduled for December 19, at 2:00p.  Cost for these classes will be $15 (that’s one flat fix), and we’ll be offering special pricing on supplies for attendees.  So please join me; it will fun, really.

I’m Tod, and I’m your local bike shop.

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